Students of the World

Students of the World student exchanges extend your life experience to a global stage.

Learn a new language and make lifetime friends while gaining your own independence by exploring Europe. Expand your horizons and realise the benefits of an international academic career.

Become immersed in a new culture by living with a host family whilst also attending a local school.

You will not be a tourist but a member of the community. This experience provides students with a solid foundation from which to make future study and career choices.

Employers will appreciate the skills gained by your experience and you will stand out in a crowd as someone who has proven themselves in challenging circumstances.

Alternatively, you can bring a foreign culture into your own home for your whole family to experience. In return, by hosting a foreign exchange student you will look at life differently with a unique exchange of customs and lifestyle.

If you are still wondering if Students of the World is the exchange program for you, then browse our website or contact us for more information about the experience of a lifetime!